Jason Shew

The First Blot Bug

Wed ⋆ 2022-11-23 ⋆ 06:10 EST

On my second day of using Blot, I came across the first bug. I dragged an image to my Google Drive, only to find it automatically became a blog post. This convenience” turned out to be a nuisance because the image post cannot be removed from my site, even though I have deleted that file from Google Drive. The Blot dashboard doesn’t show the post or the image file. But on the home page, the post is live.

Thank God — it’s not NSFW! But it could be super discomfiting if certain visuals were unintentionally posted this way.

I disconnected Google Drive from Blot, rearranged the files and folders, and reconnected. Now it looks like I have managed to have new content posted on the site, but the annoying image post still won’t go away.

I think it would be better if Blot could automatically post an image only when its name starts with an underscore or something else. Most of the time people don’t just post an image with both the caption and the title defaulted to image. Automatic posting doesn’t make much pragmatic sense. Also, I suspect it might be some CDN / caching issues about that image post. Blot might consider adding a button for users to purge the cache or allowing users to delete stuff from the dashboard (Blot’s server). It could be very terrible if certain content goes published and cannot be deleted in a timely manner.

I sent them two emails and also asked questions on their homepage, but no response had been heard. So I deleted the blog and started all over again. Now it’s all good. But the image post issue may haunt this site anytime if an image file without an initial underscore in its name accidentally gets uploaded to Google Drive.

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