Jason Shew

Communication in Relationships

Fri ⋆ 2022-04-22 ⋆ 04:25 UTC

There are three things I believe in when it comes to communication in a relationship.

(1) If you’re really into someone, you feel like talking to them at all times.

No matter what method you adopt — in-person meetings, phone calls, video chats, text messages, private messages on social media, blog comments, emails, or even handwritten letters — you want to feel connected with them all the time. Either of you won’t come off as creepy, clingy, or needy because you both feel very comfortable talking and listening to each other and you both expect to be reached.

(2) Real love should be consistent.

Real love doesn’t wax and wane. You definitely don’t wish to be treated like a queen on a date and get ignored when you’re not physically together. If the levels of passion are fluctuating, contingent, or inconsistent, something feels off. Hot and cold behaviour can be a red flag if real love is what you’re looking for.

(3) If the feelings are mutual, the effort will be equal.

No one is really a fan of unrequited love. Despite your curiosity about their birthday, favourite cuisines, zodiac sign, and full name, they never ask about yours. You hope to understand them better and try to communicate with them passionately, while they make little effort in those regards. Under such circumstances, it may be high time you moved on.

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Communication in Relationships – Fri ⋆ 2022-04-22 ⋆ 04:25 UTC
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