Jason Shew's avatar Jason Shew Trained in linguistics. Unapologetically byelingual. Aspiring software/web dev. Into music, typography, photography, astronomy, wiki-binge, culinary arts, and fine arts. More of a thinker than an observer. Frequently sold on ingenious product design and visual design. A cosmopolitan, flâneur, and occasional recluse. A certified INTP-T 5w4 and socially unsophisticated boy. A utopian realist and imperfect perfectionist. Links – Jason Shew

Jason Shew


This page contains useful links about Jason. You’re advised to bookmark this page for future reference. A short permalink to this page is shew.cc/links.

“About” Pages As of today, Jason has two “About” pages on the Internet:
Blog / Microblog Jason is active on his own E/N microblog, Uncut Kibitzing, at shew.uk. You may want to leave a comment on any social post there by clicking on the timestamp above the content. Webmentions are also available.
Colophon / Uses Curious to know how Jason’s personal microblog, Uncut Kibitzing, is built and what hardware, software, and services he is currently using? See the Colophon page (aka the “Uses” page).
Curriculum Vitae / Résumé Click on the link in the site menu to download Jason’s latest CV. Please note that clickthrough is allowed only when Jason is open to new job / collaboration opportunities. The downloaded file may be password-protected due to privacy concerns; feel free to reach out for a passcode if so.
Email If you hope to contact Jason via email (regular or encrypted), please refer to his Contact Card at shew.cc.
Instant Messaging iMessage and Telegram are currently Jason’s favourite IM services. Sometimes he also uses other services like WhatsApp. Please refer to his Contact Card at shew.cc.
Main Site Jason’s main site is currently at jasonshew.ca (yes, the one you’re visiting now), and www.jasonshew.com reflects his ’99 Web 1.0 revivalism.
  • If you haven’t seen Jason in a while, go check his “Now” page first: shew.uk/now.
  • If you’re wondering what music he is playing now, see his “in REAL TIME” playlist at shew.uk/pl.
  • For real-time status updates, check his personal microblog and social media accounts.
  • The home page of this site features a wrap-up of the aforementioned updates.
Social Media Jason may not be very socially adroit, but he’s trying his best to establish authentic connections with friends from around the world. Here is a list of his handles on a variety of social media sites. He is: Social media accounts other than listed above purporting to represent Jason Shew may be fraudulent. Beware of impersonation attacks. Some links may not be working because he deactivates his social media accounts from time to time. None of these social accounts are monitored 24/7; follow-backs are not guaranteed.
Tipping / Gifting / Shopping If you intend to show your support or send a gratuity for something you find useful or interesting, you can also buy some Jason-designed merch or send Jason a tip or gift by one of the means listed at shew.cc. Support in any form would be appreciated.
This page is still being updated (last updated: May 26, 2022). All content is subject to change at any time without notice.

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