Jason Shew
Wed ⋆ 2022-12-07 ⋆ 02:44 EST

Done the last big-ass assignments and all the necessary 1 labs. Now it’s time for a little unwinding: swapping tires, sending out Christmas cards, shopping groceries, etc. The first final will hit us December 12th, so I’m not really going to gear down.

While I was burying myself in the fifth and last assignment of data structures and algorithms, Alexa streamed this song, making me want to pogo in the face of the deadline.

🎧 Notion
The Rare Occasions
Notion - Single (2016)

  1. For example, for the course Computer Organization and Architecture, the best 4 assignments out of 5, 6 labs out of 7, and 9 quizzes out of 10 will only be considered when they evaluate the GPA. So if you have gotten full marks on the first four assignments, the last one will be optional.↩︎

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