Jason Shew
Fri ⋆ 2023-03-03 ⋆ 07:59 EST

Just learned from a YouTuber that one of my favourite singer-songwriters, Andrea Martin, passed away in 2021. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of her before, but her passing is to me as Kobe Bryant’s death was to a Lakers fan.

What makes me sadder is that her only album can’t be found on any music streaming platforms. Fortunately I bought a copy of her CD back in 2000 and will load it into my iCloud Music Library soon.

Her songwriting skills were amazing; her singing voice was underrated.

These two tracks are among my favourites on this album.

Status Update – Sun ⋆ 2023-04-02 ⋆ 23:22 EDT
Status Update – Sat ⋆ 2023-02-04 ⋆ 16:25 EST