Jason Shew


Mon ⋆ 2022-12-19 ⋆ 21:07 EST

Today marked the end of the fall semester, as the last final exam was written earlier in the afternoon. I had kept myself busy for a prolonged period of time, with quite a lot on my plate. Some professors were either disorganized or lacking in proper approaches to delivering content, meaning that I had to be self-reliant.

That said, it is not necessarily a bad thing because people working in computer science often find it needful to acquire new knowledge on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

It’s pretty nice to have a few days off around Christmastime and New Year. I had planned to fly to Vancouver but didn’t manage to squeeze the 10-day trip in. There are a few things that I’ve been neglectful of and have to attend to at this point. Unfortunately, most of them wouldn’t get done remotely.

Speaking of New year, if I get the time, I’ll probably make a post like My 2022 Year-in-Review” or My New Year’s Resolution.”

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