Jason Shew

What a Revamp!

Wed ⋆ 2022-11-23 ⋆ 21:36 EST

I guess I have brought my blog up to code. Now the new version is ready.

One of the biggest changes is that this site is totally static, thanks to Blot.im. This means this site no longer needs a database, which is required by dynamic blogging platforms like WordPress. What’s the point of having no databases? Simply put, the site loads much faster, and the file system is simpler and more maintainable.

The posts on my old blog are all written in HTML. If I move them over I would have to manually add a header” (meta data) to each post so that Blot can render them properly. They don’t even have file names but random post IDs, which means there’s no pattern to process them in batches. That would be a huge amount of work. So I’ve decided to keep the backup of the old site to myself and only move those longer, more important posts over here.

Now I’m writing on my iPhone using the Ulysses app. Posts are automatically synced to iCloud, where a folder is actually a mirror folder on Google Drive. This way I can take advantage of my iCloud Drive as a buffer storage since many iOS apps cannot use external storage other than DropBox.

If lucky you can even see my typing on the fly.

But hey, mind you, this is a static blog — my first static blog ever.

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