Jason Shew


Thu ⋆ 2022-11-03 ⋆ 11:43 EDT

Having done all the midterms and major assignments, I think it’s time for a good sleep and maybe a brief getaway. It’s reading week anyways. Before doing those, however, I think I should update this page a little bit.

Pressures have been mounting since late July, when I last updated this Now page. Finding a nice place to stay turned out to be far more distressing than I had imagined. Fortunately I have sorted it out. Academically I guess I’m more focused than 90 percent of my classmates. The amount of time I’ve spent on each assignment or lab is significant as I’m striving for perfection. I may finish writing code in two hours and spend the next three days debugging and identifying potential issues.

Apart from that, a lot of work takes place on the paper. Analyzing an algorithm, drafting a truth table, or decoding an ARM assembly instruction needs you to set pen to paper.

It will be another five or six weeks before I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

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